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Some Praise for some great artists

First I want to give huge kudos to Chris Perry who has been our amazing mapmaker in this journey. He has joined the team here at HJP for the Erinbour Project.

Bio: “Chris was born in upstate New York to a military family but moved a lot as a child to far off places including England, Turkey, and California. He met the love of his life and got married at eighteen. They have been happily married ever since and have two daughters. Chris recently retired from the US Air Force and lives and works in the Oklahoma City Area. He is a Graphic artist, Mapmaker, Storyteller, Board Game Designer, and Futurist in his spare time and has a YouTube channel as RPGMapMaker.”

New-Master-14 Small


Second a big thank you goes out to Aaron Wood who did an amazing job with the Erinbour Logo.  I am very thankful to have found Aaron and am blown away by his skill.



The history of the Elves & Where Dwarves come from

I wanted to allow for fairly identifiable races in Erinbour but feel it was unnessecary tor einvent the wheel. Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs are pretty iconic in the fantasy genre so I wanted to keep them in. That doesnt mean I didnt want to give them a reason for being.

I made some decisions about origion stories for these three iconic races and came up with this. Before Orcs and Elves there were Ogres, born or created perfect, these beings were a step above humans. When the Otherkin came the ogres were targeted by a Magical disease created by the Otherkin to wipe out the Ogres. Some interesting things ahppened during the first Magical curse.

A large portion of the population died. Secondly a certian large percentage of the survivors of the inflicted were cursed and changed permenantly and a small number of Ogres were immune to the Magical curse.  The immune Ogres adopted the name Elvin, or Blessed in teh ogre tounge. The survivors origionjally named cursed, or Orucus, took the bastardized Orcs to identify themselves. Later these orcs reclaimed Ogre to try and gain some internal respect, claiming only the true heirs would be affected by a curse targeted at them.

So thats how we came to have Elves and Orcs in the world of Erinbour.  Once ancestory linked by the manipulation of the Otherkin. Dwarves on the other hand are a bit easier to explain.

Dwarves are not native to Erinbour. They were in fact brought with the Otherkin when they came to Erinbour as workers, warriors and slaves. The Otherkin had established a Caste sistem within the dwarves and from that we find the sub races of dwarves. Which brings me to my last point.

We are planning to have several variations on each race that is playable within Erinbour. It won’t be standard elf. dwarf human, etc. There will be types of these which will standout and interesting choices to build your character.


Preview of our Kickstarter

I wanted to give a preview of our Kickstarter as we put the final touches onto the campaign. This is our section telling the story of Erinbour and what we are planning on doing. I want thank James Spahn for helping with some parts. I hope you enjoy this preview and it gives you a better idea of our plans with Erinbour.

Welcome to Erinbour!

The world is broken. Beneath the weight of a terrible curse that blights the land and without a king to serve as a symbol of hope for the world, Erinbour bleeds. But from a century of darkness, there comes hope. By sword and spell, by deed and word, heroes have come forth to face the vile beasts that are now plaguing the already weary lands of men.

Some are guided by the divine glow of the High Church and its Knights of the Lucent Order. Others serve the secret purposes of the Seekers Guild, who search the broken landscape for signs of hope. Yet still others whisper of the Builders, whose unknown purposes may be noble or nefarious. All are of them are heroes. All of them hold the fate of Erinbour in their hands.

Erinbour: Places of Power is a high fantasy setting designed for use with the Pathfinder and Bare Bones Fantasy role-playing games. But it is not a static world. Erinbour is a living, breathing place and the choices your character makes will change the fate of the world. Designed with the core belief that the player characters are heroes (and sometimes villains) whose actions will have an impact that lasts for generations, Erinbour: Places of Power puts the destiny of the world in the hands of you, the gamer.

In addition to providing a dynamic and original, fantasy role-playing campaign setting, several adventures in written for use with Erinbour: Places of Power will offer players the opportunity to have a deep impact on the setting itself. They won’t be limited to saving villages from marauding orcs, they’ll be restoring kings to fallen thrones. They’ll be causing political and social upheaval that will change entire nations. Indeed, they may even become legends themselves. It all depends on the players, their characters and the choices they make.

Welcome to Erinbour!

Its got a nice ring to it, to be honest the name is very new to the setting as its been something I have been thinking about for a long time. This project is to develop a game setting where choice matters. During your Characters time here you will have to make these choices and they will affect the outcome. The setting is being designed to allow for open choices from the Players & Characters that can have far sweeping changes to the landscape of Erinbour.

Erinbour is a dual stated product with writeups for the Pathfinder RPG and the Bare Bones Fantasy RPG from DWD Studios. The why behind this has another story to tell. Back in 2009 I and Chris Perrin developed 12 commissioned 6 mini-setting stand alone adventures we were calling “Places of Power” it never saw the light of day. We decided to take those 6 adventures, written by some great writers, like David Hill, Fillemena Young, Jennifer Schoonover, Tony DiGerolamo and Brennan Bishop and combine them and we created the outline and started filling in Erinbour.

We talked and decided that instead of settling less we would wrap them all together and the remaining 6 maybe more, into a full campaign setting module. This allows us to do something I have wanted to do. I thought what if we created a unified setting, a single setting that supported in its design multiple systems from the start. What I mean is I figure if we make a setting that people want to play they will probbaly want to hack it to their system of choice.. So our stretch goals would allow us to create guidelines to help. We want you to enjoy the setting by playing the style of game you enjoy, whatever that is and I want to help you
We are taking Erinbour and the Places of Power, originally d20, converting it to Pathfinder and we are going to create Eribour the setting for our Bare Bones Fantasy: Dynasty, best of both worlds. Since we have a majority of the Places of Power finished; that is what we are going to start off with. Kickstarting the Pathfinder side of it, if we can get through that goal then hopefully we can develop the BBF: Dynasty fully , the upside is we are going to do both, as the setting developed from the Places of Power Kickstarter will carry over, minor stating tweaks and then Dynasty Rules and we have the books.

Erinbour: Of Gods and Monsters

Wanted to bring a bit of Religion to Erinbour. We have made several decisisions about the way Religion is handled and what we are planning to do especially with how it relate to characters and classes.

The biggest thing is we are going with a monotheistic view of creation/evolution within Erinbour. The idea of a single Godhead is universily agreed upon. Now we are leaving a lot of room for creatively incorporating that central belief in various Denominations.


Yes we are going to utilize the concept of Denominations for Erinbour. Instead of multiple god and a pantheon we are going to allow for variou Tenents of Faith which will allow for various “belief structures” Everything from a Father to a Mother creator all the way to ancestor worship since “the Trinity” is a part of us all.

There will be room for people to not follow a Denominations but as far as Mechanically speaking Denomination define Belief which will be what determine a clerics Sphere and possibly special abilities.

We havent begun defining specific denominations but we feel this will allow us more flexibility then a traditional pantheon and give players and characters unique choices in defining their characters as well as defining the world around them.

Monsterous beginings

The Erinbour we know now is a place of Magic and the current incarnation was created by a curse. In the next post I will give some history behind this but for now just know that the Kingdom was cursed and it is this curse which is slowly turning the world dark and scary. The people of Erinbour have their safety in their cities, for now, but the creep of the curse has changed the land. Many things roam and rule the Wilds. There are still towns out in the wilds but people and things that live under the curse are fundamentaly changed.

Explorers and adventurers talk and tell tales of the monstrous things in the wilds and it is something to be feared. In Erinbour: Places of Power. One of the PCs roles will eb to explore these WIld places and try and bring healing to the world, or not as you see fit. Just know that there are places for monstrous things in Erinbour. We will talk more about what is out there later.

As always comments questions are welcome. Got a favorite monster and curious how they may fit feel free to ask.