Some Praise for some great artists

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First I want to give huge kudos to Chris Perry who has been our amazing mapmaker in this journey. He has joined the team here at HJP for the Erinbour Project. Bio: “Chris was born in upstate New York to a military family but moved a lot as a child to far off places including England, Turkey, and California. He

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The history of the Elves & Where Dwarves come from

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I wanted to allow for fairly identifiable races in Erinbour but feel it was unnessecary tor einvent the wheel. Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs are pretty iconic in the fantasy genre so I wanted to keep them in. That doesnt mean I didnt want to give them a reason for being. I made some decisions about origion stories for these three

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Preview of our Kickstarter

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I wanted to give a preview of our Kickstarter as we put the final touches onto the campaign. This is our section telling the story of Erinbour and what we are planning on doing. I want thank James Spahn for helping with some parts. I hope you enjoy this preview and it gives you a better idea of our plans

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Erinbour: Of Gods and Monsters

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Wanted to bring a bit of Religion to Erinbour. We have made several decisisions about the way Religion is handled and what we are planning to do especially with how it relate to characters and classes. The biggest thing is we are going with a monotheistic view of creation/evolution within Erinbour. The idea of a single Godhead is universily agreed

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