2020 has been weird

When 2020 started life was crazy and then it just got weird. The bright side is it has allowed us at Heroic Journey Publ;ishing to finally get back to doing what we love and after a few false starts over the years we are back to designing new games and will be launching new content. We have a Deck building card game and a new Mecha project in the works as well as a NewMecha Live Stream about to happen as we launch a HeroicJourney Twitch channel.

Chris and I have been hard at work so check back and we will be announcing each of these things this week as well as introducing the cast of Mecha: A War of Houses our Dune Inspired Mecha series launching in October. Thank you to all the Mecha Fans who have been playing and been patient with us and I hope to bring new people on board for our Mecha Corps.

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