New Month and New Day

Mark/ October 1, 2018/ Design, Mecha/ 0 comments

Its October 1st and this is going to be a new day here at Heroic Journey. We have been working hard the past month and are putting together some exciting things. First we are working on 3 new MECHA focused properties with MECHA: Paladins in preproduction right now. Hoping to secure an artist soon. Couple with two other setting schematics we are excited about the future of this product line.

Secondly we are looking for a part time intern, it is paid, to help with some content management. This could grow beyond the initial scope but if interested please email at for details.

We are also working on a few other possible ventures including podcasts, live streaming and an ongoing MECHA live stream for weekly episodes. These are ideas we are cooking up and thinking about.  However we cant do this without you the fans. So please follow us @HJPublishing on twitter or our new twitch channel (Excuse the mess we are still setting it up)

Speaking of which we will be looking for cast to put together a team to play MECHA during the weekly Episodes. More to come check us on twitter @HJPublishing or my other twitter @Notthat0bvious

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