2020 has been weird

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When 2020 started life was crazy and then it just got weird. The bright side is it has allowed us at Heroic Journey Publ;ishing to finally get back to doing what we love and after a few false starts over the years we are back to designing new games and will be launching new content. We have a Deck building

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So yea 3 years wow

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So we have been in hibernation mode due to life really trying to keep us from working on our favorite things. A few failed kickstarters and we had to go dark. Good news we are working on a new edition of I20 which should be updates soon.

Game Balance? Yes, No, and It Depends

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I wanted to talk today about “Balance” in games. There is much debate on the need for balance in games and where and how to accomplish this. I will admit what follows is my own opinion on this but it comes with over 25 years of playing and designing games. When I was young, I thought Balance was necessary to

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Dwarves of Erinbour

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I want to discuss the Dwarves for a moment. They are not native to Erinbour but instead were brought here by the Otherkin primarily by Azure. They came over as slaves, workers and fodder for Azure’s armies. It was their revolt against Azure that allowed Mai and her companions to overthrow Azure and the rest of the Otherkin. The Dwarves

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Elves of Erinbour

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I talked earlier about the Elves are true Ogres from Erinbours History, and as such they retain the same as that culture did milenia ago. Wiped out by disease from the Otherkin the ones to survive  took the Name Elven or Survivor. Elves live and work within a matriarcal hierarchy of families. There is no noble or Commoner in Elvish

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Knights Magus

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The Knight Magus is an order of knights that stand at the ready for the Wizards Council of the College of Magic. They are typically scholars, researchers, teachers and advisors in their normal functions.  However do not take them for anything less then knights.  Each is combat trained to use magic and steel with deadly accuracy. Secondly and most importantly

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Some Cool Kickstarters I’ve Found

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I was approached by Wolf Scone Studio about cross promoting and I took a look at their Kickstarter and Like what I saw myself so I donated and providing a link here. Amanda Lynn’s book looks interesting and I am all for helping an author get published so take a look Necronomicon: Prelude by Wolf Scone Studio https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1651495560/necronomicon-preludehttps://www.facebook.com/wolfsconestudio?ref=stream https://twitter.com/wolfsconestudio Chthonian

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Erinbour Launch Party

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We are launching our Erinbour Kickstarter Monday August 4th at 9 am. In celebration we will host a Google Hangout Launch Party Monday night at 7 pm. We will have a live update and discussion about Erinbour ask for feedback and maybe have a free giveaway or 2 of our other products. If you want to join us please leave

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