Design Services

If you are looking for help desiging your games we can help you with that. Anywhere from Playtesting support to actual Layout and Art Direction. Below is a list of services and the costs associated with them

Art Direction
Need an Art Director for hire? I can provide full art director support from finding artists to managing the time line to stay on deadline. I have several projects under my belt and have been doing Layout design for nearly 20 years. Costs: 10% of your art budget. If your budget is $1000 then $100 is paid for my services the other $900 is used to procure art. Contact

Layout Design
Have text, Art, and a dream? I can take your creations and create the final product for you. Taking all the elements and properly displaying them so they are easy to read, look pretty and make people want to read your book, well thats an art form in itself. I can provide this service in any page format you desire. Cost $2.00 per page. Contact

PDF/Digital Media Creation
Need that book output for digital formatting? Thats also a service we provide. The costs can vary depending on if you want PDF or an additional E-Book format. Also costs can vary depending on if you want the PDF bookmarked. Costs: PDF output is Free but Bookmarking and other digital formats vary. Please contact me for a review and a quote. Contact

Cover Design
This depends on what you are looking for. If you need just an image placed and that is all the costs are in line with normal page layout. However if there is any typesetting, multiple logo/UPC placement or any Graphic design then there is a higher cost. Cost Single Image no typesetting $6 (For wrap) Typsetting & graphic Design flat fee $50.

Editing Services
Have a book, need some help cleaning it up? We can provide Editing Services designed to help you take your great idea and make it shiney.  Cost is $.02 per word. Please contact for more information.

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