2020 has been weird

Mark/ September 17, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

When 2020 started life was crazy and then it just got weird. The bright side is it has allowed us at Heroic Journey Publ;ishing to finally get back to doing what we love and after a few false starts over the years we are back to designing new games and will be launching new content. We have a Deck building

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New Month and New Day

Mark/ October 1, 2018/ Design, Mecha/ 0 comments

Its October 1st and this is going to be a new day here at Heroic Journey. We have been working hard the past month and are putting together some exciting things. First we are working on 3 new MECHA focused properties with MECHA: Paladins in preproduction right now. Hoping to secure an artist soon. Couple with two other setting schematics

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Where have we been and where are we going

Mark/ August 28, 2018/ Design, News/ 0 comments

Ok so its been a while. I know those of you who have waited are wondering what happened? Well in short after a few failed attempts to produce new products we couldn’t maintain and needed to go dark. In different ways the last 3 years have been good and difficult. This is Mark talking and I cant speak for Chris

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So yea 3 years wow

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So we have been in hibernation mode due to life really trying to keep us from working on our favorite things. A few failed kickstarters and we had to go dark. Good news we are working on a new edition of I20 which should be updates soon.

Erinbour updates

Mark/ February 20, 2015/ Erinbour, News, Places of Power/ 0 comments

At this point, you’ve probably heard me talk about, Erinbour, Heroic Journey’s new massive fantasy setting. With this post, my hope is to lay out our plan and get you excited about what we believe will be a fun way to present the setting that also allows us to create the game we always wanted. With that said, let’s look

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Mecha Core Print Error PG 140

Mark/ February 19, 2015/ Mecha, News/ 0 comments

OK so it came to my attention that there is a current print error on page 140 of Mecha: Core for this we apologize. The file corrupted and we are in the process of replacing it. For those who have purchased a print edition that want to know what it says…   esper training The ADF high command is salivating

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Game Balance? Yes, No, and It Depends

Mark/ October 6, 2014/ Design, Opinions, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I wanted to talk today about “Balance” in games. There is much debate on the need for balance in games and where and how to accomplish this. I will admit what follows is my own opinion on this but it comes with over 25 years of playing and designing games. When I was young, I thought Balance was necessary to

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What is a RPG

Mark/ October 3, 2014/ Design, Opinions/ 5 comments

Thanks to a certain RPG designers post I’ve caught on to a lot of angst once again in the community about what is an RPG. While I don’t agree with Mr. Wick on most of his points there is one I agree with. I wanted to put my thoughts out there simply because I can. Role Playing games by the

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Dwarves of Erinbour

Mark/ September 3, 2014/ Dynasty, Erinbour, Places of Power, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I want to discuss the Dwarves for a moment. They are not native to Erinbour but instead were brought here by the Otherkin primarily by Azure. They came over as slaves, workers and fodder for Azure’s armies. It was their revolt against Azure that allowed Mai and her companions to overthrow Azure and the rest of the Otherkin. The Dwarves

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Mecha Kaiju Kickstarter

Mark/ September 2, 2014/ Mecha, News/ 0 comments

MECHA: Kaiju Project Scope: Mecha Kaiju is a supplement to “Mecha” by Chris Perrin, the RPG about giant fighty robots. The book will give you all you need to create your own Kaiju or use one we made to add them to your current Mecha campaign. Play through the SRS (Setting Reference Schematic) we provide or enjoy Kaiju in anything

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