Where have we been and where are we going

Mark/ August 28, 2018/ Design, News/ 0 comments

Ok so its been a while. I know those of you who have waited are wondering what happened? Well in short after a few failed attempts to produce new products we couldn’t maintain and needed to go dark. In different ways the last 3 years have been good and difficult. This is Mark talking and I cant speak for Chris but personally there were some trying times.

If people want to know I am happy to share but I would rather talk about the future. So here we are, we are back and after solidifying the I20 system used in Bounty Head Bebop, we have decided to embark on a very ambitious return. We are rebuilding the system to reflect some changes we want to make to allow for a more open and useful system. We love the fast paced nature of the Inverted 20 system.  The ability it has to be rules quick but maintaining crunch for those that enjoy that, we feel is a positive thing that needs to be rediscovered.

While much of the basics remain we are retooling how you advance in the game as well as adding on a better “Magic” system that we believe is friendlier to designers. We are also remaking the world. While we enjoy the influences the original game holds, we felt moving it from Far modern to a more near modern look and we will be sharing some of the reworked history bringing in much more cyberpunk feels to a game built around Bounty Hunting.

So stay tuned as we will be releasing more about the setting and mechanics over the next few months.

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