New Month and New Day

Mark/ October 1, 2018/ Design, Mecha/ 0 comments

Its October 1st and this is going to be a new day here at Heroic Journey. We have been working hard the past month and are putting together some exciting things. First we are working on 3 new MECHA focused properties with MECHA: Paladins in preproduction right now. Hoping to secure an artist soon. Couple with two other setting schematics

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Where have we been and where are we going

Mark/ August 28, 2018/ Design, News/ 0 comments

Ok so its been a while. I know those of you who have waited are wondering what happened? Well in short after a few failed attempts to produce new products we couldn’t maintain and needed to go dark. In different ways the last 3 years have been good and difficult. This is Mark talking and I cant speak for Chris

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Game Balance? Yes, No, and It Depends

Mark/ October 6, 2014/ Design, Opinions, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I wanted to talk today about “Balance” in games. There is much debate on the need for balance in games and where and how to accomplish this. I will admit what follows is my own opinion on this but it comes with over 25 years of playing and designing games. When I was young, I thought Balance was necessary to

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What is a RPG

Mark/ October 3, 2014/ Design, Opinions/ 5 comments

Thanks to a certain RPG designers post I’ve caught on to a lot of angst once again in the community about what is an RPG. While I don’t agree with Mr. Wick on most of his points there is one I agree with. I wanted to put my thoughts out there simply because I can. Role Playing games by the

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Inclusiveness and Gender in Erinbour

Mark/ July 7, 2014/ Design, Erinbour/ 1 comments

I have been working on how to put this in words and get it right. I will try and I ask that anyone who reads this as offensive tell me so I can fix it and be better moving forward. I decided about a month ago I waned to make sure Erinbour was Inclusive and began trying to figure out

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Erinbour: Hodge Podge of Info Dump

Mark/ June 19, 2014/ Design, Erinbour/ 0 comments

The other day I wrote this “I should say a little about the High Church of the Holy Light. The church believes in the Creator a single godhead that consists of a Trinity. The Mother is the Creator and protector, The Father the judge and hunter; The Child is seen as a redeeming figure protecting creation from the Judgmental Eyes

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A Few Groups in Erinbour

Mark/ June 17, 2014/ Design, Erinbour/ 0 comments

Today I wanted to give you a simple write up on a couple groups and organizations within Erinbour that have some prominence. I wanted to share a bit on The Seekers Guild, The Builders, and Knights of the Lucent Order. Again this is all first draft info and may change over time. Comments are always welcome. The Seekers Guild The

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With Great Power…

Mark/ June 16, 2014/ Design, Erinbour/ 0 comments

The following is a peak behind the curtain on Erinbour as we develop the History and background of this setting. What I bring to you today is 3 Mythological artifacts from the Legends of Eringbour. These are still first draft write ups and Mechanics for them as far as how it interacts with Pathfinder.   Mais Lance This is one

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Erinbour: Tribal Wars and the coming of the Others

Mark/ June 12, 2014/ Design, Erinbour/ 0 comments

Welcome to Erinbour Prehistory. Well prehostroy before the current nation existed in any form. At this time the land was split into Tribal Kingdoms. The 15 Noble houses to be were the origional 15 tribes of Erinbour. During this time it was very common for tribes to be at war with a tribe who was their friend only the year

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