The history of the Elves & Where Dwarves come from

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I wanted to allow for fairly identifiable races in Erinbour but feel it was unnessecary tor einvent the wheel. Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs are pretty iconic in the fantasy genre so I wanted to keep them in. That doesnt mean I didnt want to give them a reason for being.

I made some decisions about origion stories for these three iconic races and came up with this. Before Orcs and Elves there were Ogres, born or created perfect, these beings were a step above humans. When the Otherkin came the ogres were targeted by a Magical disease created by the Otherkin to wipe out the Ogres. Some interesting things ahppened during the first Magical curse.

A large portion of the population died. Secondly a certian large percentage of the survivors of the inflicted were cursed and changed permenantly and a small number of Ogres were immune to the Magical curse.  The immune Ogres adopted the name Elvin, or Blessed in teh ogre tounge. The survivors origionjally named cursed, or Orucus, took the bastardized Orcs to identify themselves. Later these orcs reclaimed Ogre to try and gain some internal respect, claiming only the true heirs would be affected by a curse targeted at them.

So thats how we came to have Elves and Orcs in the world of Erinbour.  Once ancestory linked by the manipulation of the Otherkin. Dwarves on the other hand are a bit easier to explain.

Dwarves are not native to Erinbour. They were in fact brought with the Otherkin when they came to Erinbour as workers, warriors and slaves. The Otherkin had established a Caste sistem within the dwarves and from that we find the sub races of dwarves. Which brings me to my last point.

We are planning to have several variations on each race that is playable within Erinbour. It won’t be standard elf. dwarf human, etc. There will be types of these which will standout and interesting choices to build your character.


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