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Wanted to share the awesome update on the Erinbour Team. We recently agreed in principle with a great Pathfinder mind to work on the rules development and editing for Erinbour. This will allow us the confidence to know the mechanics will fit the setting and allow the creative process to work out. We could not be happier.
George “Loki” Williams IV
Loki, the one from New Orleans, has been gaming since the first DM Guide was released back in 1979. He is one of the managers of, the Official Planescape Website. Since joining the Planewalker team in 2004 he and his co-manager have won two Silver ENnie Awards (’05 and ’07 in the best fan site category) for their work. Founder of the largest Pathfinder RPG Community on Google+, Loki has also published Pathfinder based design work in Dark Roads and Golden Hells (Open Design), Dungeonlands/Suzerain (Savage Mojo), Book of Heroic Races Vol. 1 (Jon Brazer Entertainment), and Eldritch Races: The Runeborn (Heroic Journey Publishing). He answers only to one beautiful woman and two unruly cats. Rumors he is a construct are completely unsibstantiated.
Bonus Easter Egg
Also as it is our plan to create system hacks to port Erinbour to multiple systems. Rumor has it James Spahn of Barrel Rider Games has agreed to work on the OSR Hack guidebook for us if we can get to that stretch goal obviously.
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