Some Praise for some great artists

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First I want to give huge kudos to Chris Perry who has been our amazing mapmaker in this journey. He has joined the team here at HJP for the Erinbour Project.

Bio: “Chris was born in upstate New York to a military family but moved a lot as a child to far off places including England, Turkey, and California. He met the love of his life and got married at eighteen. They have been happily married ever since and have two daughters. Chris recently retired from the US Air Force and lives and works in the Oklahoma City Area. He is a Graphic artist, Mapmaker, Storyteller, Board Game Designer, and Futurist in his spare time and has a YouTube channel as RPGMapMaker.”

New-Master-14 Small


Second a big thank you goes out to Aaron Wood who did an amazing job with the Erinbour Logo.  I am very thankful to have found Aaron and am blown away by his skill.



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