Erinbour: Of Gods and Monsters

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Wanted to bring a bit of Religion to Erinbour. We have made several decisisions about the way Religion is handled and what we are planning to do especially with how it relate to characters and classes.

The biggest thing is we are going with a monotheistic view of creation/evolution within Erinbour. The idea of a single Godhead is universily agreed upon. Now we are leaving a lot of room for creatively incorporating that central belief in various Denominations.


Yes we are going to utilize the concept of Denominations for Erinbour. Instead of multiple god and a pantheon we are going to allow for variou Tenents of Faith which will allow for various “belief structures” Everything from a Father to a Mother creator all the way to ancestor worship since “the Trinity” is a part of us all.

There will be room for people to not follow a Denominations but as far as Mechanically speaking Denomination define Belief which will be what determine a clerics Sphere and possibly special abilities.

We havent begun defining specific denominations but we feel this will allow us more flexibility then a traditional pantheon and give players and characters unique choices in defining their characters as well as defining the world around them.

Monsterous beginings

The Erinbour we know now is a place of Magic and the current incarnation was created by a curse. In the next post I will give some history behind this but for now just know that the Kingdom was cursed and it is this curse which is slowly turning the world dark and scary. The people of Erinbour have their safety in their cities, for now, but the creep of the curse has changed the land. Many things roam and rule the Wilds. There are still towns out in the wilds but people and things that live under the curse are fundamentaly changed.

Explorers and adventurers talk and tell tales of the monstrous things in the wilds and it is something to be feared. In Erinbour: Places of Power. One of the PCs roles will eb to explore these WIld places and try and bring healing to the world, or not as you see fit. Just know that there are places for monstrous things in Erinbour. We will talk more about what is out there later.

As always comments questions are welcome. Got a favorite monster and curious how they may fit feel free to ask.

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