Of Class and Race – PofMR Part 1

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I promised an update on what I was thinking around Race and Class for my Pathfinder side project. Here it is. This is a very High level discussion I will get deeper into these as we move through these. Questions and comments are welcome


I mentioned before the 5 Dragon Lords which made their way to the Middle realms. This got me thinking that what if the Dragons meddled in the Races so very long ago in the Planes infancy? If they did that what would races look like today? So this got me thinking of Racial groupings. We have a set of 5 stock races Human, Ogre, Dwarven, Bastet, Gnolls (Some of the names will change but for now these are simpley place holders to give you an idea).

Each Dragon will have adopted 1 of the races (Except 2. One will create a race from itself and one dragon will adopt 2 races). 

Human will encompass both Human and Halfling as “Kinder races”.

Ogres will have had the most tampering as its Kinder Races are Elf, Orc and Goblinoids.

Dwarven will have Dwarf and Gnome as Kinder Races

The Bastet and Gnolls were not tampered with and are thus classified as teh Nomadic Races.

Last but not lease we have the Lizard races. These are new to the MIddle realm as one of the Dragon Lords used their own essence to create a race in its image. We have the Aquarians and the VIprians.

That makes 9 Kinder Races and 2 Elder Races of the MIddle realm.  A Decent start I believe.

Next Up Classes.

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