Of Class and Race – PofMR Part 2

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Previously I wrote about the races overview. This post will be a high level discussion on CLasses in Protectors of the Middle Realm. Again this will be very High Level nothing has been finalized and questions and comments are welcome.


I wanted to do something different with classes. I know why re invent the wheel, but I wanted to tie Class into the setting more then just a fancy name. FIghter, Rogue, Mage, Cleric Ranger etc. Sure I could call them by another name but thats just creates a new class. I wanted a deeper tie in to the setting.

So I came up with Paths. Not overly unique sounding but bare with me. So each Character will choose a path to walk in their life. Path of Battle, Path of Shadows, Path of Mystics, Path of Nature, Path of Spirt. Each of these paths will behave similarly to the Class from standard Pathfinder but with a twist.

First off all Races will define the Paths differently so a Human walking the Path of Battle will differ then an Elf, or even an Orc. This means there will be different level progressions for each race. While there will be some similarities, the Path of Battle is still the same core beliefs, each Race will walk that path differently and some of the abilities/Feats will be unique to each race because of their uniqueness of Race.

But what about Multi-Classing…
Nothing says you have to walk only 1 path.  Also I am thinking of haveing branches on each path that allows for “Prestige” like classes at certain levels such as 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions. I have plenty of ideas but I know I need to refine them. Next post will be a high level discussion on the Dragon Lords I think.

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