In which I begin my GM Odyssey

Mark/ June 24, 2014/ GM University, Opinions/ 1 comments

I recently posted that I felt there were six key areas that a person could apply everyday skills to GMing and improve their ability and become a more effective GM. I want to take some time and address each area briefly from a high level and begin discussing them in depth in future posts. For a refresher the list is as

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GM more then Storytellers…

Mark/ June 23, 2014/ GM University, Opinions/ 1 comments

Alex Mayo brought this up today on Google+, about the GM as Storyteller and how the more of a Narrator/Storyteller the less effective he believes the GM is. I agree with this and have found that a GM has a role to play just like PCs but his role is not just narrator, the role of Narrator or Storyteller belongs to each

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