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Erinbour is a fantasy setting that will for us at Heroic Journey Publishing be the answer to several nagging questions.The first brings us back a few years.

Back in 2009 Chris and I had an idea for a series of Fantasy adventures that we were calling Places of Power. These mini settings could be dropped into any campaign and be used as an interesting place to let players and GMs explore. Theye were filled with interesting plot hooks and while they detailed a special place of powerful magics were as nonlinear as we could make them.

We never completed nor published that series. We did get over half of the 12 origionally planned developed and quite a few actually commissioned written and most importantly paid for. SO question the first. What do we do with these awesome bits of non specific setting?

The second question came about while we started working recently on Bare Bones Fantasy: Dynasty. Where would we drop it? Would we just do the ruleor actually put it some where? Chris and I talked about this and asked… “Could we answer both questions the same?” Short answer Yes and thus Erinbour was born.

Initially we are going to produce a core setting book and “Places 0f Power” an Epic Campaign within Erinbour. As well as Dynasty, rise to power in the political sphere within Erinbour.

Places of Power will be duel stated to  both Pathfinder and BareBones Fantasy and Dynasty will include rules to build a kingdom and rise to power with in Erinbour. Our plans are to prehack the setting for several popular systems out of the box so you can play in Erinbour regardless of your favorite system. We will release more about each item and our plans more directly over the next few weeks as we prepare to kickstart this August 4th.

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