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Today I want to share three things. First where I’ve been the last few weeks, an Update on our Card Game and a few thoughts on BareBones Dynasty.

First, whats been happening personally. Well back in April I had the joy of my third child, and frankly feedings , lack of sleep, and a few other things have kept me busy so I haven’t had a chance tor eally update here, but I am back and working hard tohelp Chris, David and Wayne create cool games.

Secondly I wanted to share that I Heard from FutureDude about art and as of right now we are schedule to go to print with our Beta Test Decks through POD to have some high quality Beta Test Decks to showcase at Upcoming cons and playtesting events. If you are interested in participating we will announce where we will be soon. If you cant make it to an event or con and woul like to participate we will also have the beta decks available for downlaod to allow you to build your own to help playtest. Go ahead and drop us an email at heroicjourneyATgmail.com and let us know and we will add you to the list.

And Lastly…

BareBones Dynasty

So I have been thinking about Birthright and how to translate it into BareBones. I first started with organization. We have a Kingdom. A kingdom is made up by Regions, which are made up of Counties.

We will begin here with Counties as the smallest unit. A typical Region may have anywhere from 4-8 counties depending on size. Each county will be made up of 4 type of holdings.

Legal Holdings (so courthouses, sherrifs, Tax collectors, etc) These will support a County and Region in protecting and administering the land. Spiritual Holdings would be churches, shrines and other improvements devoted to the pantheon of gods and goddesses. Guild holdings will indicate markets, trade, warehousing, and business viability of a county. Natural holdings will indicate how undeveloped or how much magic influence a county has in the world.

The way I envision this is that a County will have a default statistical measure. So a Basic even county will Look like this

Legal – 25%
Guild – 25%
Spiritual – 25%
Natural – 25%

This means that when a Character has the ability to do an action during a DYnasty turn their base ability to influence the county begins at the holdings level. Improvements can be purchased to grant bonuses and sway influence for more control.

For instance Lets look at Talen a minor Lord who has Middleberg as one of the counties in his Holdings. Since he is a Nobleman his influence will primarily be in legal areas so his default influence on raising armies, tax collection etc is set at 25%. Building a courthouse and a tax collector improvement might raise that to a base of 35% + 5% for every Regency level they have. I will talk about Regency later.

Also I will talk about improvements and look at the other skills such as cpiritual leader, guildmaster and Source holder type skills to access the different type of actions that are done at the Dynasty level, such as Raise an army, collect taaxes/tithes/Profits, Cast ritual spells, build improvements, etc.



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