PotMR – Setting thoughts

I have talked a little about setting with the return of the Dragon Lords, and I’ve mentioned some ideas on the mechanical changes. I wanted to delve a little deeper into my thoughts as I develop the history, mythology and general goings on of this setting.

From a mythological stand point I feel pretty good going for an agnostice, spirit based religion akin to Ancestor Worship. So I am thinking of pulling in much of Chinnese Daoisim and Confucianism in how I structure the governments and religions of the setting. I also want to roll in some western mythologies as well  and do a hybrid of the two cultures. So we can still have knights etc. Still at the early stages here.

The idea is that the Setting is very provincial with a ruling Emperor and localized governments. I also dont want to segregate the races much. My plan is to have a province governed by a different race but each province isnt a province of elves, a province of orcs. etc.  Ideas on how to do this are welcome.  

Thats the update as it stands. I am planning to roll out the Path of Battle soon and begin to deconstruct those for commentary. As always comments and opinions are welcome here.

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