Our Core Beliefs

During the last week Heroic Journey Publishing staff has been coming together to discuss our direction and goals. We felt the best place to start is with our core beliefs as a company.

So Chris, David, Wayne and myself sat down and looked at 7 Core Beliefs that we felt provided us the right direction for the company. These 7 Beliefs will guide the decisins we make and will be our central theme within the community of gamers.

We will be discussing each one over the next few weeks and allow you to review and comment on them.  Please feel free to let us know your thoughts as we reintroduce Heroic Journey Publishing to the Gaming Industry.

Our 7 Core Beliefs

1. We believe we should write games that we like.

2. We believe we should help the game community by publishing games others are passionate about.

3. We believe we should hire writers to create games that they love.

4. We believe artists, editors and layout artists we work with should be treated how we’d want to be treated.

5. We believe that writing for many genres is important because you may not like all our games, but we believe you’ll find one you love.

6. We believe the future of games tranceds the table, a trend we’re embracing, while never losing sight of where we came from.

7.  We believe our customers are our reason for existence and that we should keep them happy.

We will go through these in order starting with belief 1.

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