My Side Project “Protectors of the Middle Realm”

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Currently I and Chris are working on a LCG/Deck building hybrid game that we really cant talk about. Its pretty cool and as soon as we can we will be talking all about it, trust me. Until then I wanted to share some side projects I am working on which I think will result in some cool gaming.

First on the Block is Protectors of the Middle Realm. This will be a pathfinder tweaked game. I will get into what I mean later but the core will be pathfinder and there will be some modifications to the Race and Class structure but fundamentally the system will stay the same.

This post is more about telling everyone a bit on the premise not the rules changes as we will get into that later. Here are some of the highlights I wrote out as I defined this idea deeper.

“Once 5 dragon lords held court in the world.  Some would worship them as gods they brought war to the world wherever they went. A millenia ago the great heroes sealed the dragon Lords away with five stones the seals are weak and will soon break bringing the dragon Lords awake.”

Nothing hugely unique but I felt like I was onto something just needed more clarity.

The universe is seen as consisting of several worlds.  They were created by a single God/Goddess who created the universe filled it with Magic and spirits and left this existence with that act. The god/goddess is a part of all as Magic and the spirits are its energy dispersed. The magic and spirits together created the three fold world. Lower plane, Middle Plane (Prime) Higher Plane. Spirits travel from Lower plane (Hell) to Mid Plane to live life walk a path and earn a place in the higher planes after learning the lessons they need to learn.

Dragon Lords came from outside this reality  and found the world as it was in its infancy and began to form it into their imaage. The people of the middle realm; some saw them as gods others rejected them as false to the path and the 5 great heros walked their paths and wielding the power of this world locked the Dragons in the Lower Plane. This has caused the lower plane to be locked away for the good of creation. Now spirits of ancestors remain with their families until they are ready to walk the path again to gain admittance to the higher plane.

This felt better and I could tell I am onto something.  Thoughts are welcome on this.


Up next “Walking the Paths” how race and Class will interact in character development in “Protectors of the Middle Realm”.

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