Erinbour: Tribal Wars and the coming of the Others

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Welcome to Erinbour Prehistory. Well prehostroy before the current nation existed in any form. At this time the land was split into Tribal Kingdoms. The 15 Noble houses to be were the origional 15 tribes of Erinbour.

During this time it was very common for tribes to be at war with a tribe who was their friend only the year before. It was a time where the wilds were overgrown, the world was young and the people of Erinbour had yet to prove themselves worthy of stewardship of the land.

There was some farming and the beginings of a more complex integration but until the Other came the lands were vastly divided.

The Other

The Other is a description the myths and relics that define a group of large monstrous beasts. We would call them Dragons of ancients old. The histories tell of 5 great Dragon Lords that came to this land and from them followers and other creatures invaded Erinbour. The Tribes realized they were helpless individually and it was through this great tragedy the Nation of Erinbour was born.

The 15 Nations became Noble Houses as they rallied their tribes to eventual victory.  Victory was heralded in by one Mai Syr, a Warrior Mage and eventual First Queen of Erinbour. She discovering the Dragon Lords weaknesses lead a small mixed group of tribal warriors  and defeated the Dragon Lords. This allowed the combined Tribes to overcome the monstrous army of the Dragon Lords.

Mai warned that she wasn’t able to destroy the Lords but instead imprison them within their own slumber.

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