Erinbour: Magic (preview)

Mark/ August 8, 2014/ Dynasty, Erinbour, Places of Power/ 0 comments

As we prepare for a successful Kickstarter I’ve been roughing out ideas for how magic will be handled in this product. Since we want to make character actions influence the setting directly I will be exploring ways to play off of the existing kingdom building rules in Ultimate Campaign, as well as devising new and interesting meta magic that harnesses the power of the land and the bloodlines it is tied to.
The magic system will include support for all character types through the use of new feats, traits, and archetypes as well as new “classless” arcane and divine items. Prestige classes will be crafted for those who wish to focus on the new forms of magic presented, and new monsters utilizing these rules will be unleashed from our menagerie.
While I am inspired by the old TSR setting Birthright, I think our final product will be solidly different. The Pathfinder rules allow for a much greater level of customization which will allow us to make this magic truly permeate the land!
This was written by George “Loki” Williams
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