Erinbour: Evil for Evils sake

Mark/ August 6, 2014/ Dynasty, Erinbour, Places of Power/ 0 comments

This is a topic that means a lot to me. As I have conceptualize Erinbour I wanted to have enemies antagonists and wandering monsters for players to deal with. What I’ve never wanted was “oh they are evil ..just because”

In Erinbour the Erinbour nation is at war with Orcs/Ogres. The Orcs are seen and presented as evil because they will generally attack Human and Elves etc on site. Not because they are evil but the Orcs are at war. They have a different culture but they are only evil from a certain point of view. From their perspective they are the good guys because the war is about their independence as a nation.

Erinbour Places of Power will include some of this but Erinbour Dynasty will explore this war and fallout much more in depth. Nothing in this setting is evil just because. The closest things are the Other in but it’s less about evil as they are so alien to the world it’s easy to classify it as evil.

I wanted to share this to help show my vision of this setting and plans of development.

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