Erinbour updates

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At this point, you’ve probably heard me talk about, Erinbour, Heroic Journey’s new massive fantasy setting. With this post, my hope is to lay out our plan and get you excited about what we believe will be a fun way to present the setting that also allows us to create the game we always wanted. With that said, let’s look

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Dwarves of Erinbour

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I want to discuss the Dwarves for a moment. They are not native to Erinbour but instead were brought here by the Otherkin primarily by Azure. They came over as slaves, workers and fodder for Azure’s armies. It was their revolt against Azure that allowed Mai and her companions to overthrow Azure and the rest of the Otherkin. The Dwarves

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Elves of Erinbour

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I talked earlier about the Elves are true Ogres from Erinbours History, and as such they retain the same as that culture did milenia ago. Wiped out by disease from the Otherkin the ones to survive  took the Name Elven or Survivor. Elves live and work within a matriarcal hierarchy of families. There is no noble or Commoner in Elvish

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Knights Magus

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The Knight Magus is an order of knights that stand at the ready for the Wizards Council of the College of Magic. They are typically scholars, researchers, teachers and advisors in their normal functions.  However do not take them for anything less then knights.  Each is combat trained to use magic and steel with deadly accuracy. Secondly and most importantly

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Erinbour: Magic (preview)

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As we prepare for a successful Kickstarter I’ve been roughing out ideas for how magic will be handled in this product. Since we want to make character actions influence the setting directly I will be exploring ways to play off of the existing kingdom building rules in Ultimate Campaign, as well as devising new and interesting meta magic that harnesses

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Erinbour: Sirens

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Written by Chris Perrin this is planned as a Playable Race in Erinbour  The Sirens of Erinbour One of the things we wanted to do with Erinbour was step outside the established fantasy races. Sure, we wanted to include humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and so on, but we also wanted a new playable race for our game. So, while I

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Knights Mechanica

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First I want to give credit to Wayne Hum fleet for the beginnings of this Order of Knights found within Erinbour. Just like the Knights of Luminescence the Knights Mechanics are an order devoted to the High Church however this is the order devoted to be the weapon of the church in battle. This Order is devoted to the aspects

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Erinbour: Evil for Evils sake

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This is a topic that means a lot to me. As I have conceptualize Erinbour I wanted to have enemies antagonists and wandering monsters for players to deal with. What I’ve never wanted was “oh they are evil ..just because” In Erinbour the Erinbour nation is at war with Orcs/Ogres. The Orcs are seen and presented as evil because they

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