Erinbour: Council of Powers

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The Council of powers is the current ruling body within Erinbour. Built largely as the hereditary posts that made up of the Nobles and the Court of the Lost King. These offices through the last millennium since the days of the Lost King have lost the Hereditary features but are still assigned to the Family and regions of Erinbour. The

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Erinbour: History Lessons

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The queen stood over her son, dead on the throne, shaking as the anger left her. Grief like her sons blood washed over her as the realization of what had happened. She could feel her body shaking and it wasn’t until the first stones clattered like thunder did she realize the floor was shifting beneath her. The King, bloody, stood

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Erinbour: Of Magics and Greatness

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Wanted to take some time and share with you the loyal readers a high level look at Wizards, Sorcerers and a bit of how Magic works in Erinbour. Today we will be focusing on Pathfinder conversions primarily as the descisions made will primarily affect that rule set. To begin with we wanted to add our own stamp to Erinbour and

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Welcome to Erinbour

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Erinbour is a fantasy setting that will for us at Heroic Journey Publishing be the answer to several nagging questions.The first brings us back a few years. Back in 2009 Chris and I had an idea for a series of Fantasy adventures that we were calling Places of Power. These mini settings could be dropped into any campaign and be

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Updates & Stuff

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Today I want to share three things. First where I’ve been the last few weeks, an Update on our Card Game and a few thoughts on BareBones Dynasty. First, whats been happening personally. Well back in April I had the joy of my third child, and frankly feedings , lack of sleep, and a few other things have kept me

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Bare Bones: Dynasty

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Hey wanted to share a new project myself and Heroic Journey Publishing is working on. We have permission and will be working with the Bare Bones Fantasy system to create Bare Bones: Dynasty. Have you ever wanted to be king or maybe leader of a guild, or religion and build your powerbase to rule the world? Well you soon will

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PotMR – Setting thoughts

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I have talked a little about setting with the return of the Dragon Lords, and I’ve mentioned some ideas on the mechanical changes. I wanted to delve a little deeper into my thoughts as I develop the history, mythology and general goings on of this setting. From a mythological stand point I feel pretty good going for an agnostice, spirit

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Of Class and Race – PofMR Part 2

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Previously I wrote about the races overview. This post will be a high level discussion on CLasses in Protectors of the Middle Realm. Again this will be very High Level nothing has been finalized and questions and comments are welcome. Class I wanted to do something different with classes. I know why re invent the wheel, but I wanted to

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