Core Belief #2

Mark/ March 31, 2014/ Core Beliefs/ 0 comments

2. We believe we should help the game community by publishing games others are passionate about. What does this mean? We believe that we have a mission to help people get their games published. Heroic Journey was origionally founded with a belief that everyone that wants to write games shouldn’t be required to also be a publisher. We still hold

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Core Belief #1

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This post will begin ourlook at our core beliefs as a company and break them down for everyone so people can understand what we mean. I am going to follow a very traditional way of orginising these. I will state the belief and then provide a “What does this mean?” answer. 1. We believe we should write games that we

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Our Core Beliefs

Mark/ March 19, 2014/ Core Beliefs/ 0 comments

During the last week Heroic Journey Publishing staff has been coming together to discuss our direction and goals. We felt the best place to start is with our core beliefs as a company. So Chris, David, Wayne and myself sat down and looked at 7 Core Beliefs that we felt provided us the right direction for the company. These 7

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