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Today I want to share three things. First where I’ve been the last few weeks, an Update on our Card Game and a few thoughts on BareBones Dynasty.

First, whats been happening personally. Well back in April I had the joy of my third child, and frankly feedings , lack of sleep, and a few other things have kept me busy so I haven’t had a chance tor eally update here, but I am back and working hard tohelp Chris, David and Wayne create cool games.

Secondly I wanted to share that I Heard from FutureDude about art and as of right now we are schedule to go to print with our Beta Test Decks through POD to have some high quality Beta Test Decks to showcase at Upcoming cons and playtesting events. If you are interested in participating we will announce where we will be soon. If you cant make it to an event or con and woul like to participate we will also have the beta decks available for downlaod to allow you to build your own to help playtest. Go ahead and drop us an email at and let us know and we will add you to the list.

And Lastly…

BareBones Dynasty

So I have been thinking about Birthright and how to translate it into BareBones. I first started with organization. We have a Kingdom. A kingdom is made up by Regions, which are made up of Counties.

We will begin here with Counties as the smallest unit. A typical Region may have anywhere from 4-8 counties depending on size. Each county will be made up of 4 type of holdings.

Legal Holdings (so courthouses, sherrifs, Tax collectors, etc) These will support a County and Region in protecting and administering the land. Spiritual Holdings would be churches, shrines and other improvements devoted to the pantheon of gods and goddesses. Guild holdings will indicate markets, trade, warehousing, and business viability of a county. Natural holdings will indicate how undeveloped or how much magic influence a county has in the world.

The way I envision this is that a County will have a default statistical measure. So a Basic even county will Look like this

Legal – 25%
Guild – 25%
Spiritual – 25%
Natural – 25%

This means that when a Character has the ability to do an action during a DYnasty turn their base ability to influence the county begins at the holdings level. Improvements can be purchased to grant bonuses and sway influence for more control.

For instance Lets look at Talen a minor Lord who has Middleberg as one of the counties in his Holdings. Since he is a Nobleman his influence will primarily be in legal areas so his default influence on raising armies, tax collection etc is set at 25%. Building a courthouse and a tax collector improvement might raise that to a base of 35% + 5% for every Regency level they have. I will talk about Regency later.

Also I will talk about improvements and look at the other skills such as cpiritual leader, guildmaster and Source holder type skills to access the different type of actions that are done at the Dynasty level, such as Raise an army, collect taaxes/tithes/Profits, Cast ritual spells, build improvements, etc.



And now for our Secret Project

So I know its been a few weeks since our last update when we talked about Barebones Dynasty. That is still in the works for this year but one of our biggest projects we havent been able to talk about until now.

Our friends over at FutureDude comics have a cool new project called Parallel Man which is full of multiverse awesomeness. I strongly suggest you check their website out as it has some awesome art and artists working on the project.

I mention them and Parallel Man because our super secret project is we have been brought on board Myself and Chris Perrin specifically to create a Deck Building/LCG for Parallel Man. I cant go into much detail yet but we will be filling you in as this project has taken a ton of my and chris’ time over the past 4 months. We are in the process of ALpha testing it now and will be looking for interested people especially when we look to open Beta Testing later in May.

So this is the project that is holding us up from all the other cool things we want to work on but it has been such a fun ride and we get to work with some great artists and creative minds over at FutureDude we just couldnt pass it up.

As always please feel free to share, comment or ask us anything.


Bare Bones: Dynasty

Hey wanted to share a new project myself and Heroic Journey Publishing is working on.

We have permission and will be working with the Bare Bones Fantasy system to create
Bare Bones: Dynasty
Have you ever wanted to be king or maybe leader of a guild, or religion and build your powerbase to rule the world? Well you soon will be.

Bare Bones: Dynasty will allow you to take your characters into the polictical battelfield and make decisions on a Domain level moving policy and building holdings to further your influence in the world. In short Bare Bones Meets Birthright.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome more to come

PotMR – Setting thoughts

I have talked a little about setting with the return of the Dragon Lords, and I’ve mentioned some ideas on the mechanical changes. I wanted to delve a little deeper into my thoughts as I develop the history, mythology and general goings on of this setting.

From a mythological stand point I feel pretty good going for an agnostice, spirit based religion akin to Ancestor Worship. So I am thinking of pulling in much of Chinnese Daoisim and Confucianism in how I structure the governments and religions of the setting. I also want to roll in some western mythologies as well  and do a hybrid of the two cultures. So we can still have knights etc. Still at the early stages here.

The idea is that the Setting is very provincial with a ruling Emperor and localized governments. I also dont want to segregate the races much. My plan is to have a province governed by a different race but each province isnt a province of elves, a province of orcs. etc.  Ideas on how to do this are welcome.  

Thats the update as it stands. I am planning to roll out the Path of Battle soon and begin to deconstruct those for commentary. As always comments and opinions are welcome here.

Of Class and Race – PofMR Part 2

Previously I wrote about the races overview. This post will be a high level discussion on CLasses in Protectors of the Middle Realm. Again this will be very High Level nothing has been finalized and questions and comments are welcome.


I wanted to do something different with classes. I know why re invent the wheel, but I wanted to tie Class into the setting more then just a fancy name. FIghter, Rogue, Mage, Cleric Ranger etc. Sure I could call them by another name but thats just creates a new class. I wanted a deeper tie in to the setting.

So I came up with Paths. Not overly unique sounding but bare with me. So each Character will choose a path to walk in their life. Path of Battle, Path of Shadows, Path of Mystics, Path of Nature, Path of Spirt. Each of these paths will behave similarly to the Class from standard Pathfinder but with a twist.

First off all Races will define the Paths differently so a Human walking the Path of Battle will differ then an Elf, or even an Orc. This means there will be different level progressions for each race. While there will be some similarities, the Path of Battle is still the same core beliefs, each Race will walk that path differently and some of the abilities/Feats will be unique to each race because of their uniqueness of Race.

But what about Multi-Classing…
Nothing says you have to walk only 1 path.  Also I am thinking of haveing branches on each path that allows for “Prestige” like classes at certain levels such as 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions. I have plenty of ideas but I know I need to refine them. Next post will be a high level discussion on the Dragon Lords I think.

Of Class and Race – PofMR Part 1

I promised an update on what I was thinking around Race and Class for my Pathfinder side project. Here it is. This is a very High level discussion I will get deeper into these as we move through these. Questions and comments are welcome


I mentioned before the 5 Dragon Lords which made their way to the Middle realms. This got me thinking that what if the Dragons meddled in the Races so very long ago in the Planes infancy? If they did that what would races look like today? So this got me thinking of Racial groupings. We have a set of 5 stock races Human, Ogre, Dwarven, Bastet, Gnolls (Some of the names will change but for now these are simpley place holders to give you an idea).

Each Dragon will have adopted 1 of the races (Except 2. One will create a race from itself and one dragon will adopt 2 races). 

Human will encompass both Human and Halfling as “Kinder races”.

Ogres will have had the most tampering as its Kinder Races are Elf, Orc and Goblinoids.

Dwarven will have Dwarf and Gnome as Kinder Races

The Bastet and Gnolls were not tampered with and are thus classified as teh Nomadic Races.

Last but not lease we have the Lizard races. These are new to the MIddle realm as one of the Dragon Lords used their own essence to create a race in its image. We have the Aquarians and the VIprians.

That makes 9 Kinder Races and 2 Elder Races of the MIddle realm.  A Decent start I believe.

Next Up Classes.

Core Belief #2

2. We believe we should help the game community by publishing games others are passionate about.

What does this mean?

We believe that we have a mission to help people get their games published. Heroic Journey was origionally founded with a belief that everyone that wants to write games shouldn’t be required to also be a publisher. We still hold to the fact that we know how to publish and want to assist those that need help with the technical side of publishing work. Secondly we want to work on games our fans want to play so we are always open to listening and hearing what you are passionate about.

My Side Project “Protectors of the Middle Realm”

Currently I and Chris are working on a LCG/Deck building hybrid game that we really cant talk about. Its pretty cool and as soon as we can we will be talking all about it, trust me. Until then I wanted to share some side projects I am working on which I think will result in some cool gaming.

First on the Block is Protectors of the Middle Realm. This will be a pathfinder tweaked game. I will get into what I mean later but the core will be pathfinder and there will be some modifications to the Race and Class structure but fundamentally the system will stay the same.

This post is more about telling everyone a bit on the premise not the rules changes as we will get into that later. Here are some of the highlights I wrote out as I defined this idea deeper.

“Once 5 dragon lords held court in the world.  Some would worship them as gods they brought war to the world wherever they went. A millenia ago the great heroes sealed the dragon Lords away with five stones the seals are weak and will soon break bringing the dragon Lords awake.”

Nothing hugely unique but I felt like I was onto something just needed more clarity.

The universe is seen as consisting of several worlds.  They were created by a single God/Goddess who created the universe filled it with Magic and spirits and left this existence with that act. The god/goddess is a part of all as Magic and the spirits are its energy dispersed. The magic and spirits together created the three fold world. Lower plane, Middle Plane (Prime) Higher Plane. Spirits travel from Lower plane (Hell) to Mid Plane to live life walk a path and earn a place in the higher planes after learning the lessons they need to learn.

Dragon Lords came from outside this reality  and found the world as it was in its infancy and began to form it into their imaage. The people of the middle realm; some saw them as gods others rejected them as false to the path and the 5 great heros walked their paths and wielding the power of this world locked the Dragons in the Lower Plane. This has caused the lower plane to be locked away for the good of creation. Now spirits of ancestors remain with their families until they are ready to walk the path again to gain admittance to the higher plane.

This felt better and I could tell I am onto something.  Thoughts are welcome on this.


Up next “Walking the Paths” how race and Class will interact in character development in “Protectors of the Middle Realm”.

Core Belief #1

This post will begin ourlook at our core beliefs as a company and break them down for everyone so people can understand what we mean. I am going to follow a very traditional way of orginising these. I will state the belief and then provide a “What does this mean?” answer.

1. We believe we should write games that we like.

What does this mean? Heroic Journey Publishing will always work on and produce games that we the owners and contributers like and want to play.

Simply put we aren’t going to produce anything simply for commerical sake or put out a product that we ourselves wouldnt be happy playing or running amongst ourselves or with fans at a Con or FLGS.

What kind of games do you like to play?