And now for our Secret Project

Mark/ May 1, 2014/ News/ 0 comments

So I know its been a few weeks since our last update when we talked about Barebones Dynasty. That is still in the works for this year but one of our biggest projects we havent been able to talk about until now.

Our friends over at FutureDude comics have a cool new project called Parallel Man which is full of multiverse awesomeness. I strongly suggest you check their website out as it has some awesome art and artists working on the project.

I mention them and Parallel Man because our super secret project is we have been brought on board Myself and Chris Perrin specifically to create a Deck Building/LCG for Parallel Man. I cant go into much detail yet but we will be filling you in as this project has taken a ton of my and chris’ time over the past 4 months. We are in the process of ALpha testing it now and will be looking for interested people especially when we look to open Beta Testing later in May.

So this is the project that is holding us up from all the other cool things we want to work on but it has been such a fun ride and we get to work with some great artists and creative minds over at FutureDude we just couldnt pass it up.

As always please feel free to share, comment or ask us anything.


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